Sanskar Varg is often misconstrued as just a religious program for children. However, that is not completely true. Sanskar Varg is all about building positivity and helping young children with their personality development and building their faith.
The program is based on what makes Indian people who they are and also takes into account the unique and awe-inspiring Indian culture. This culture is centred around you and your child. However, to ensure that your child imbibes the culture that you love, you need to formally introduce it to your children. With Sanskar Varg classes, you will be able to do just that.
Understanding Sanskar Varg
Sanskar Varg program focuses on the harmonious overall development of children in their early years. By way of teaching children to chant Sanskrit mantras, the gurus or instructors will help children overcome speech impediments but not just that; the breathing patterns and the vibrations that are produced by the children while chanting the mantras help them in building a positive sense of self.
Sanskar Varg is, hence, considered to be very effective in enhancing the mental wellness of growing children.
How Does Sanskar Varg Help Children?
As a parent, you may be overwhelmed looking at the many options available to you to promote personality development in your children. It is true that character development cannot happen from school alone. The qualities of character in a child are affected through his or her interaction with the family and the community as well. By observing, experiencing, and through various interactions, a child will develop his or her choices and temperaments. To provide young children with a solid platform that will introduce them to these factors in a positive way, Sankar Varg classes can be extremely effective.
Sanskar Varg classes provide children with a strong foundation thereby enriching their minds with good values as well as introducing them to the positive aspects of the Indian culture. By teaching children mantras, slokas and prayers, these classes help in building faith and positivity in the young minds of growing children. By teaching the children Sanskrit, which is one of the oldest and most systematic languages, children learn to make different sounds easily and thereby overcome any difficulties with pronunciation that they may have.
As a part of the Sanskar Varg classes, your child will also learn about mythology and this will bring them closer to their roots. There are also separate sessions dedicated to learning Sanskrit mantras and prayers. Along with Sanskrit mantras, these classes also focus on teaching core values and life skills to children through interactive sessions, fun activities, and storytelling sessions. Children also learn about important and inspiring Indian customs, festivals, and famous personalities.

By making Sanskar Varg a partner in your child’s early learning journey, you will help in creating a subtle yet everlasting impression of positivity on your child’s mind through the importance given to cultural heritage and values.
Discover Sanskar Varg classes here.

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Rekha Menon is a primary teacher by profession, now engaged in various hobby & craft classes for kids, and occasionally writes about topics which interest her. With two teenage kids, she is usually grappling with issues that most parents deal with, and shares her views to stimulate discussion on these.


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