What are Kudos?

Kudos is how Kidwisers (which means folks like you!) show appreciation for each other.

Kudos is how we recognise the parents and providers who share, guide, advise, enlighten, help, (you get the drift, right?) each of us to be better- equipped parents.

Kudos is how we say ‘Thank you” to those who spread the wisdom.

And for the Kidwisers who are winning Kudos, we shall have some surprises, benefits and offers too…coming soon!

And right here are Top 20 Kidwisers who have made the lives of many others like us, easier. Kudos to each of them, and to you too for being one of us!

Kudos Leaderboard

# Name Kudos
1 Smita Omar K 6,160
2 MAD K 2,355
3 Manvi Bandivadkar K 2,065
4 Prashant Thorat K 2,030
5 Charu Angre K 1,900
6 Ritesh Omar K 1,805
7 Dhruv Johri K 1,685
8 Garima Singh K 1,640
9 Bhavya Pawar K 1,595
10 Varsha Agarwal K 1,580
# Name Kudos
11 Gungun Jadhav K 1,560
12 Harshika Behere K 1,440
13 Yashvi Mehta K 1,400
14 Sameer M K 1,380
15 Parna Bandyopadhyay K 1,370
16 Divyansh Singh K 1,270
17 Shreya Birthare K 1,255
18 Pinky K 1,240
19 Ankit Pathak K 1,175
20 Dynamic Consciousness K 1,140

Start winning Kudos now!

Congratulations! You have begun your journey to power parenting – each of us is (or will soon be) an expert in our own way, and with our own experiences and hacks to share. If you are not already among the Top 20 Kidwisers, here’s a cheat sheet to get you into this list fast.

    1. Sign up to Kidwise now – if you haven’t done that already, here
    2. Invite your friends to join Kidwise. Not only will they be forever grateful to you for showing them this life-hack, you win Kudos as well when they sign up using this link (copy and share this on Messenger, whatsapp, whatever..) : http://www.kidwise.in/
    3. View the Groups where folks like you are discussing things of interest to folks like you. Join the groups based on the age and interests of your children, and win Kudos
    4. Ask questions or share experiences in the group, answer questions, get likes from other Kidwisers on your comments or answers…the more you participate meaningfully, the more Kudos you win (of course, all Kidwisers are very particular about adhering with the Community Guidelines & Code of Conduct, while doing so)
    5. View your Kudos balance and history on your profile, and watch your credibility as a pro-parent zoom as you race into the Top 20 – what are you waiting for, now?

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Best classes for mathematics in Erandwane/Kothrud area. Limited kids per batch and give personal attention. We had a very good experience. My daughter is happy with teaching by ***** teacher.

Very engaging and fun filled sessions for the kids .My 8 year old throughly enjoyed all the sessions. Kids get a platform to express their views on various topics. Suggestion is to make this workshop extended from 1 month to 2 months or more.

My child has made excellent growth. The teacher gives attention to every child adequately and my child is very eager to attend the classes. And the teacher also has excellent skills in art.

We have seen ***** school growing from a pretty new school to a developed school in last four years. They focus lot on academics, extra curricular  actives and lot more.  They embed a lot of fun activities with academics which makes kids picks the basics as well as advance topics pretty well.  Teachers are attentive and they provide a very elaborated feedback about the child on quarterly basis. In short it's fairly a good option for kids for their overall growth.

Highly mismanaged branch of *****. Poor planning. No proper communication with parents. Teacher retention is very low. Good teachers gets transferred to other centres. In past 3-4 years 3 principal changed. Everything they do is for name sake. Workshops/ seminars are more of a sales  pitches. 10% return of value for your money.

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