The need to hire a tutor arises when your child is having trouble grasping academic concepts at school or you are unable to devote time to his or her studies. Either way, it is absolutely fine to get a tutor without feeling any embarrassment or guilt. A tutor can help your child master the subjects, boost their self-confidence and perform better in exams. A private tutor can teach your child online or visit your home as per your requirements.

Let’s take a look at the qualities you should look for in a private tutor:

  • Credibility and Qualification

Find out the tutor’s background and qualification. You can read online testimonials and get references from other parents who have hired the tutor. If the tutor is working at some academy, do not hesitate to visit and request for a demo class. Also, check whether the tutor has the necessary qualification in the subject for which you want to hire. You can ask the tutor for a bio to verify his or her educational background.

  • Experience

Experience undoubtedly matters a lot. Depending on the level of your child’s weakness in a subject and the class s/he is studying in, you should check for the experience. For instance, if your kid is in the lower primary class, a tutor with 1-4 years of experience would work. If your kid is in upper primary or higher secondary, the subjects get difficult and hence, you would need a tutor with more experience.

  • Empathy

Children have very sensitive personalities. They might easily get nervous or fearful if they lack an emotional connect with the tutor. The tutor should have the patience to listen to the child’s doubts, understand their mindset and be approachable to build the trust of the child.

  • Beyond the Textbook Teaching

A child is not always weak in a subject. Usually, schools restrict the teaching methodology to traditional methods that do not leave much scope for innovation. So, ask the tutor whether s/he can incorporate new methods or alternative strategies of teaching to spark the interest of the child.

  • Motivator

Sometimes, all a child needs is a morale boost to overcome their inhibitions and fear of the subject. A good tutor would encourage the child at every step, help them focus on strengths, find ways to work on the weaknesses and constantly act as a cheerleader for the child.

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If you have hired a tutor for your child, please share your experiences with the Kidwise community.

About Smita Omar

Smita is an ex banker who voluntary said adiós to a high flying career to explore the rocky yet beautiful terrain of motherhood. When she is not busy juggling between her naughty daughter and foodie husband, you can find her donning the hat of a freelance content developer-editor to keep her sanity intact. She has been a Work-From-Home-Mother for 8 years and turns to meditation when the going gets tough.

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  1. Kshitij Sharma 3 years ago

    I was looking for a science tutor for my kid. These suggestions are really helpful.

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