Find the Best Daycare in Pune for Your Child

Daycare is of great help for working parents as they can go to work keeping their child in safe hands. However, it can be challenging to find a good daycare as it is not easy for parents to trust someone that easily when it comes to their child. Choosing a daycare in Pune where your child is taken care of and is safe is the priority of parents.

We can help you find the best daycare in Pune. Just keep in mind the below mentioned points when looking for a daycare for your child:

  • You must do thorough research online by going through their websites and looking for all the necessary information, for daycares in your area, or around your place of work.
  • You must also look for reviews and feedback as it is the right way of knowing about any daycare facility.
  • Once you have shortlisted certain options, you must go and have a one-on-one discussion with them and get your queries solved.
  • You must also visit the entire facility and see if they have all amenities and is the place safe and hygienic.
  • Do they have adequate safety measures like CCTV, post pictures/videos to parents, police verification of staff etc.
  • And lastly, talk to fellow parents as they can offer genuine reviews and suggestions.

There are many benefits of daycare as your child gets continuous care; your baby gets to socialize with other children and learn newer skills. A well-organized daycare program will help in the growth and development of your child. You just need to make the right choice of daycare.

You can find the best daycares in Pune, here on Kidwise, and get information about them, read reviews from other parents, and connect with them. You can browse classes & activities based on criteria like distance, ratings, facilities, subjects etc. and decide on the best suited option for your child. Have a specific query? Ask other parents like yourself, for advice & suggestions, on the groups on Kidwise, and also share your experiences with them.

There’s a lot more you can discover on Kidwise. With so many options for kids’ all-round development, Kidwise also helps you find various activities for them, from cooking to coding and from tennis to taekwondo. While you are here, do also browse our articles for tips and tricks to boost your parenting quotient, and catch up on issues that are trending among parents. Have Fun!


Find the Best Services for kids in Pune

We can’t live in isolation and meet our various needs on our own – most particularly parents of young kids! Every parent needs these angels who help in making our lives easier on day to day basis.

Kidwise has listings of various service providers that can assist you on various occasions and for different needs, such as:

  • Activity centres – which offer various hobby classes, games, workshops etc for kids’ recreation & learning

  • Career counselling – to help identify the appropriate career choices for your kids, basis their aptitude and interest

  • Daycares – the life-savers who enable you to go to work, or for the occasional outing, while they pamper the little ones

  • Fancy dress rentals –from the Mahatma to the Mad-hatter, they provide the solution for school events

  • Libraries and book clubs – to stoke your kids imagination and fire up the passion for learning Party organizers and venue – planning and organising a different theme each year can be quite a chore, and these folks make it easy

  • Paediatrics and special needs – Medical professionals, counsellors & therapists to look after your kids physical & mental well-being & development

  • Studying abroad – guidance and assistance for applying for international admissions. And some more…do explore!

And besides the listings & reviews, you can also ask other parents for suggestions or feedback, by posting a query on the Groups on Kidwise. Kidwise is about parents helping each other, and you will surely get some useful inputs.

If you offer any of these services for kids, and want to reach out to more parents across Pune, add your listing on Kidwise here or contact us for more information.

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