Self-study not only widens the learning and horizons of a child but also teaches them discipline,
focus, and keeps them motivated. If you are trying to help your child transition to self-study,
here are some useful tips.
Believe in Your Child
Do not underestimate your child. Remember, all children are intelligent and will be able to
complete their homework and studies on their own. So, don’t jump in to assist your child.
Instead, let them do everything on their own. In the end, check what they have done to ensure
it is correct. Let your child know that you are there if they genuinely need help.
Motivate and Encourage Your Child
Forget about marks. Instead, congratulate your child if they have done better than the last
time. Ensure that your child knows that you have observed an improvement in their
performance. When you praise your child for their improvement, it will motivate them to study
Create Opportunities for Learning
Self-learning is about opening your mind to more information and knowledge. If you constantly
assist your child, this will never happen. Hence, create opportunities for your child to take the
initiative and learn. For instance, let them harness the power of the interest to research and
find information on their own rather than depending on you.
Create a Dedicated Learning Space
For your child to learn, they need a well-illuminated and distraction-free learning space. Get a
desk and comfortable chair for your child and place them in a room that is well lit, quiet, and
away from the daily hustle-bustle of life. This will encourage your child to focus and study,
setting them on the path to self-study.
Let Your Child Answer Mock Tests
The internet is filled with mock tests for different subjects. Download and print a few and
encourage your child to answer them. You can assist them with a couple of questions and then
ensure that your child solves all the other questions. Your child may struggle but it will let them
know where they are lacking. Make sure you set a time limit to complete the test. Getting your
child to answer tests is one of the best ways to help your child transition to self-study.
Discuss the Test with Your Child
Once your child finishes answering the test, go over the questions and answers with them. This
will train your child to check what they have written, even for regular assignments. It will also
teach them to discuss what they have learned and where they are making mistakes.
Help Your Child to Set Learning Goals

Finally, help your child to set learning goals. Start with simple and achievable goals so that they
do not get stressed and de-motivated. Just keep checking to ensure that your child is working
towards the goals. If not, you may have to make a few changes.
Use these simple tips to help your child shift from a parent- and teacher-led learning to self-

About Charu Sareen

Charu Sareen Gujjal is a former teacher and language trainer turned in to a writer, passionate blogger and author of the e-book 'A to Z of Parenting Twins'. She is a mom to a twin boy and girl whom she lovingly calls as A&A.

She actively writes about her parenting journey on her blog - The Mom Sagas ( where she records all her wonderful motherhood experiences and everyday sagas of raising twins. She shares useful tips, product and service reviews, and expresses her views on topics related to womenhood, health , education and lifestyle.


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