Find the Best Cricket Academy in Pune

For the overall growth and development of any child, extra-curricular activities are as important as studies. Especially physical activities must be a part of your child’s routine as it contributes to their development and keeps them physically fit. If your child is into sports and shows an inclination or liking towards cricket, it can be a good decision to get them enrolled in a cricket academy in Pune and enable them to groom their skills.

Cricket is not just a game, but it is about fitness, dedication, and teamwork as well. The child can learn discipline from an early age. Usually, the right age for joining cricket academy is around 8-12 years. Getting into the best cricket academy in Pune can help your child in grooming skills and polishing his/ her talent.

Choosing the right academy can be a challenging task for parents. The below mentioned tips can help in making the right choice:

  • Location of the academy is important as you may face commuting issues if the academy is located at a faraway place. The academy should be near so that the child can practice daily (or at least 2-3 times a week) without wasting efforts and energy.
  • The academy must have an experienced and dedicated coach. If the coach has played a good level of cricket, he will be able to guide and groom your child’s skills.
  • You must also consider the equipment, ground, and amenities in the academy as they play a major role while training for cricket.
  • Enquire from other parents and try to find a fit with your kids’ level of competence, eg is the academy only for beginners, while your child has moved beyond that?

Kidwise can help you find the best cricket coaching in Pune, for your kids, here on Kidwise, and get information about them, read reviews from other parents, and connect with them. You can browse classes & activities based on criteria like distance, ratings, facilities, subjects etc. and decide on the best suited option for your child. To find online classes, look for the Orange icon, or use the search filters.

Have a specific query? Ask other parents like yourself, for advice & suggestions, on the groups on Kidwise, and also share your experiences with them.

There’s a lot more you can discover on Kidwise. With so many options for kids’ all-round development, Kidwise also helps you find various classes & activities for them, from cooking to calligraphy, and from music to maths. While you are here, do also browse our articles for tips and tricks to boost your parenting quotient, and catch up on topics that are trending among parents.

Choose the Best Sports& Games Coaching Classes for Your Child

Sports, for some, can be an extra-curricular activity, but for others, it can be a passion or career choice. Even if it is for extra-curricular activity, engaging in sports is good for children. If your child also exhibits inclination or liking towards any form of sports, you must encourage them and enrol them in good sports coaching classes in Pune. And if your kid is not too interested in sports, do see some tips here to get them moving.

Kidwise can help you in finding the best sports academy in Pune which offer coaching for various sports like Athletics, Badminton, Chess, Cricket, Football, Gym and fitness, Martial arts, skating, Swimming, Tennis and others.

One of the benefits of joining the sports coaching centre is that your child can learn about the sports activity of his/ her interest. Sports also bring a sense of discipline in life, and sports activities are great for achieving and maintaining fitness.

The coach can train them and get them acquainted with nuances of the sport so that they can learn, practice, and gain expertise. When a student enrols for a sports coaching, they get sufficient practice, and because of a set routine, they avoid procrastination which may happen while practicing at home. The coaches are experienced, and therefore, they can help to identify the weak areas and overcome them by practicing more under expert supervision and guidance. A good coach builds on strengths, helps overcome weaknesses, provides motivation and helps avoid injuries.

To seek recommendations or advice, on sports coaches, do also ask other parents like yourself, on the Groups on Kidwise. Kidwise is about parents helping each other, and you will surely get some useful inputs.

If you offer sports coaching classes, and want to reach out to more parents across Pune, add your listing on Kidwisehere, or contact us for more information.

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