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When it comes to the career of a child, parents are often concerned about making the right choice. Over time, the education and work scenario has changed; it has evolved to be more precise. Your child needs to choose courses, degrees, and certifications that can enable him/ her to compete with others and have the edge over others. They must be prepared to face the challenges and cut-throat- competition.

Apart from that, the interest and inclination of your child also matter the most. Career counselling in Pune can help you, and your child makes the right decision about career and subjects so that the child can shape a good career for themselves.

Here’s a look at some benefits of consulting best career counselling in Pune:

  • Career counselling can help in determining the strength and weakness of your child. They are experts in their field who offer different career assessment tests. These tests help in coordinating your regular aptitudes, qualities, and capacities with key components of specific careers.
  • It will enable you to figure out shortcomings you may have with the goal.
  • It can also help in setting an objective for greater results. Career counselling can often help in setting a career goal.
  • It helps in eliminating confusion between the specializations.
  • You can get to know about what all career prospects are there for your child, particularly with so many new and unfamiliar choices.
  • Counselling can also offer the much-needed support and motivation.

You can find the top communication and interpersonal skills classes in Pune, for your kids, here on Kidwise, and get information about them, read reviews from other parents, and connect with them. You can browse classes & activities based on criteria like distance, ratings, facilities, subjects etc. and decide on the best suited option for your child. To find online classes, look for the Orange icon, or use the search filters.

Have a specific query? Ask other parents like yourself, for advice & suggestions, on the groups on Kidwise, and also share your experiences with them.

There’s a lot more you can discover on Kidwise. With so many options for kids’ all-round development, Kidwise also helps you find various classes & activities for them, from cooking to coding, and from science to sports. While you are here, do also browse our articles for tips and tricks to boost your parenting quotient, and catch up on topics that are trending among parents.

And if you offer career counseling for kids, do add a listing for your classes, to reach more parents across Pune, if you havent done so already.

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Find the Best Services for kids in Pune

We can’t live in isolation and meet our various needs on our own – most particularly parents of young kids! Every parent needs these angels who help in making our lives easier on day to day basis.

Kidwise has listings of various service providers that can assist you on various occasions and for different needs, such as:

  • Activity centres – which offer various hobby classes, games, workshops etc for kids’ recreation & learning

  • Career counselling – to help identify the appropriate career choices for your kids, basis their aptitude and interest

  • Daycares – the life-savers who enable you to go to work, or for the occasional outing, while they pamper the little ones

  • Fancy dress rentals –from the Mahatma to the Mad-hatter, they provide the solution for school events

  • Libraries and book clubs – to stoke your kids imagination and fire up the passion for learning Party organizers and venue – planning and organising a different theme each year can be quite a chore, and these folks make it easy

  • Paediatrics and special needs – Medical professionals, counsellors & therapists to look after your kids physical & mental well-being & development

  • Studying abroad – guidance and assistance for applying for international admissions. And some more…do explore!

And besides the listings & reviews, you can also ask other parents for suggestions or feedback, by posting a query on the Groups on Kidwise. Kidwise is about parents helping each other, and you will surely get some useful inputs.

If you offer any of these services for kids, and want to reach out to more parents across Pune, add your listing on Kidwise here or contact us for more information.

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