What are summers without splish and splash in the fool? Alas, our children were deprived of
this joy for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The good news is that swimming pools
are now open in the city and your children can once again play with water and beat the
summer heat!
If you are apprehensive to send your children swimming (apart from COVID safety reasons),
here are some benefits that should change your mind:

 It is a Life Skill
Swimming is one of the most essential life skills that your children should know. It teaches
them to be safe in and around water and also how to save a drowning person’s life. Also,
when the children can swim properly, they can have a more enjoyable experience in the

 Builds Strength and Fitness
Children need some physical activity every day to release their pent up energy and stay fit
and active. Children are becoming victims of screen addiction, especially after the pandemic
struck. Swimming is a great exercise option because it is fun too. It also builds their lung
capacity, improves their cardiovascular health, and enhances their flexibility and endurance.
It is a full-body workout.

 Improves Mental Health
Swimming is known to be effective in alleviating stress and anxiety. It can improve mental
health to a considerable extent. It relaxes the mind and body by producing feel-good

 It is Accessible to People with Disabilities
Swimming reduces pressure on joints and muscles. It also builds muscle health. People with
disabilities can try hydrotherapy with the help of a swimming instructor and as per medical

 Leads to Better Sleep
Swimming raises the feeling of happiness and soothes the mind and body by releasing
tension. This further helps in regularizing and improving sleep patterns.

 Improves Concentration
Swimming requires both physical and mental coordination and a lot of focus. Children have
to control their arm and leg movements while focusing on their breath. This type of coordination goes a long way in improving their concentration which can also be useful in
their academic performance.

A swimming coach can teach your child to swim properly and safely. If you are looking for
professional swimming classes, click here.


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