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Create a great first impression. Add your Listing Page & be found when parents search or browse categories. Provide details on your classes, activities or services, contact information, add a cover image & logo and you’re set to get noticed. Get recommendations & reviews from parents, and be among the first to be seen.

Be Known

Be Known

Build your reputation. Browse & participate actively on the groups on Kidwise, answer queries from parents, and share suggestions & advice. Post updates about your classes, events, workshops, and even write articles for publishing on Kidwise. These will help you to increase visibility, and to build your credibility by showcasing your capabilities. 

Be Chosen

Be Chosen

Your ratings are the most important factor for being visible on Kidwise, and getting enquiries from parents. Listings with reviews get 9 times more  enquiries than those without reviews, on average.  Plus, on Kidwise, parents can connect with you directly at the contacts provided in your listing. 

Register & Add your Premium Listing Page now...for Free*.

No upfront payment. No commissions. No charges per lead.

Add a Premium Listing now, totally free for the first one month. Get 5 genuine reviews on your Listing Page, within the first month, and get an additional one month free. At the end of the free period, you can choose whether to continue your Premium Listing with Quarterly/Annual payment, or to downgrade to a Free Basic listing, with no payment required

How Kidwise helps you grow

Listing Page

Dedicated listing page so you can be found when parents browse a category, or search for schools, classes, activities or services.

contact details

Showcase your experience, qualifications & capabilities, and share your contact details, so parents can connect with you directly.

Qualifications & Experience

Display ratings, reviews & recommendations from parents on your listing, to convince other parents to choose you.

target in groups

Post in the groups to update parents about events, workshops, etc. , and reply to parents’ queries & share advice to build trust.

Additional Benefits with Premium Packages

Standing first

A picture is worth a thousand words. Make your listing stand out with a Cover Pic & logo, to showcase your school, academy or events.


Premium listings get more visibility, and hence more leads – your listing will have display priority over Basic listings with similar ratings.


Longer description text limit to say more about your business; show your listing in more sub-categories for better visibility.

social media promotions

Get preference in being referred to parents who enquire about your category through our email and whatsapp / messenger.

Add your Premium Listing now. Choose your category below.

Introducing PARTNER OFFERS. Grow your leads & conversions with Offers!

Now you can list (for Free!) discounts & free classes/ services that you want to offer to the parents on Kidwise. The Partner Offers shall be published on the Offers Page, as well as shared on Kidwise groups, digest emails, and the best offers shall also be promoted on our social media channels. So go ahead and add your offers like these examples below:

30% off first month fees for Kidwise members

3 free trial classes for Kidwise members

20% off on half-yearly & annual subscription

Any online course for Rs.299 (Regular Price : Rs. 599)

Pricing for Premium Listings:

Quarterly (3 months) : Rs. 1899

Annual (12 months)   : Rs. 5999 (21% benefit)

( GST @ 18% will be additional)

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Premium Listings are Free for the first ONE month. Additional one month free Premium listing if  5 approved reviews are published on the Listing Page, within the first month
  2. At the end of the free period (including additional period, if any), member can choose whether to continue Premium Listing with Quarterly/Annual payment, or to downgrade to a Free Basic listing, with no payment required.
  3. Each Member can have only ONE Free Basic listing at any time. If you need to add listings for multiple branches (locations), or in multiple main categories (eg in Hobby classes and Sports Coaching), then one or more listings must be purchased with the Premium Package.
  4. A Member may add any number of Premium listings for multiple branches/locations or categories. Validity and renewal of Premium packages shall be as provided herein.
  5. Free Basic listings do not have a fixed expiry or validity. If you wish to remove or cancel your listing, please write to us at
  6. A new free Premium listing cannot be added in the same category, and for the same business, during or after the validity of its free period (including additional period, if any). Any free premium listing added for an existing, or downgraded/deleted  premium listing, may be removed, at our sole discretion, without notice.
  7. Adding multiple Basic listings from the same member account, or creating multiple member accounts to add multiple listings is not permitted. We periodically review and may remove such multiple listings, at our sole discretion, without notice.
  8. For all business listings (both Basic and Premium), added or claimed by you,  you are solely responsible for all the content, including all images, text, videos, links or any other content posted on the listing page (excluding comments/reviews posted by other members), in accordance with the Kidwise Code of conduct  and Terms of use.
  9. Premium subscriptions can be purchased on a per listing basis, with  Quarterly ( 3months) or Annual (12 months) validity.
  10. Package price for Premium listings will be payable through Bank Transfer to “Gosolo Services Pvt. Ltd.” only (details will be provided at checkout). The current price for Premium Quarterly package is Rs. 1899 per listing, and Premium Annual package is Rs. 5999 per listing.
  11. Premium Listing packages will not be renewed automatically and timely renewal must be made to avoid downgrade (to Basic) or expiry.
  12. Cancellations & Refunds:  For both Annual and Quarterly Premium packages, in case of cancellations within 7 working days of  payment (initial or renewal), please mail us at requesting for a refund of the renewal fee paid. We shall process the refund on the payment gateway within 7 working days of your email. Cancellations made after this period, and anytime during the validity of the package (during initial validity or renewal), shall not be eligible for any refund for the remaining validity period.
  13. We shall typically notify you on email about upcoming renewals. However, at times such mails may not be delivered so you are advised to track renewals and payments on “My Account” as well.
  14. Package prices mentioned above exclude GST.  GST @ 18% shall be added in the invoice.
  15. Kidwise reserves the right to modify, add or restrict the services, features or benefits for any Free listings, including existing listings, at any time, at its sole discretion, and without prior intimation.

For any queries about listings, payments, or for any suggestions, please mail us at  or whatsapp/call us (10.00 am – 7.00 pm; Mon. – Sat.)  at  7499997910 and we shall be delighted to assist.

To see the steps to register, add your listing, and post in groups

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. We are doing regular ads on FB, Google, Instagram, whatsapp etc., which gets parents to visit, and they search for classes/ activities/ schools. If they see your listing, then they can contact you directly on phone/WA or email on the contact details you have mentioned there. In such cases, as the parent is contacting you directly after seeing your listing on Kidwise, we are not sending any enquiry to you. You can increase your visibility & position by getting your current/past parents to write their feedback review on your listing page, so more parents can see your listing.
  2. Some parents contact us on our whatsapp number (7499997910) enquiring about classes, and we share the links to the Top 3-4 listings in their area (or online) for the category they are interested in. This is also basis the feedback (reviews) ratings – so another reason for you get more and better reviews ratings on your listing page
  3. For the parents contacting us, we also ask them for permission to share their number with 2-3 providers, who will call them. If they allow us to share the number, then we share this with the top 2-3 providers in the category, and request them to call the parent. It is important that you call them asap, else the enquiry goes waste, and the parent will be disappointed, as we only share each contact with very few providers. If you do not want us to send you enquiries, please let us know.
  4. Some parents may use the “Send message” button on your listing, to send an enquiry to you, which sends an email to the ID mentioned in your listing. Please ensure that you check and reply to emails (sometimes these also go in SPAM folder, to avoid that please add to your email contacts)
  5. Some parents post an enquiry in the Pune Parents & Partners Group on Kidwise (similar to how they ask in FB groups) to get references from other parents. It is recommended that you keep checking, and also posting updates in the group, so you can reply to these enquiries, as well as be seen by more parents.
  6. Many parents also enquire about various classes, by commenting on our ads on Facebook. We also share these ads links with few of the active providers in each category, so they can reply to those parents.

Update your Listing information

Have you indicated that you offer Online Classes also? Have you added a cover image & provided details of experience, qualifications, contact information etc.? This information is important for parents to find and shortlist your classes. Login & Update it now.

Post updates & replies in the Groups

Browse the Pune Parents & Partners group on Kidwise frequently, and post updates about your classes, events, workshops or answer queries from parents. This will help to make you visible in the forum and to build your credibility. Click here to visit the groups now.

Make an Offer

Grow your leads and conversions by making an offer, to convince parents to contact & choose you. You may offer a discount, free classes/workshops, free materials/worksheets etc., and your offer shall be listed on the Kidwise Partner Offers page, and will be posted on our social media pages also. Click here to add an offer now.

Don’t miss a lead

Unlike other sites/apps, Kidwise shares your phone/email with parents, so they can connect with you directly, without needing to go thru us. Take a couple of minutes to understand how parents can contact you, after seeing your listing on Kidwise, so that you don’t miss a lead, and can reply to them promptly.

Request  Parents for Reviews  – MOST IMPORTANT

Request your past & current students’ parents to write a review on your page here. Your ratings are the most important factor for being visible on Kidwise, and getting enquiries from parents. Listings with reviews get 9 times more enquiries than those without reviews, on average. Use the Social Share buttons on your listing page to share link on Whatsapp / Facebook & request for reviews.

Remember – Kidwise is a tool to help you to get more leads and grow. Your regular activity, as suggested above, is necessary for parents to notice you, and to connect with you.


We have both Premium (paid) and Basic (free) listings.  However, in the current difficult situation due to the pandemic, even Premium listings are offered for Free for a limited period (which we have been extending),  particularly as a gesture to help individual teachers, to reach out to parents for their online classes, when they cannot hold their regular classes. As the situation improves, we shall reach out to you, to continue with the Premium listings by making a payment.


Listings are displayed in the priority of the ratings from the reviews on your page. Higher ratings and more reviews, means your listing will show first, and more parents will see it when browsing the category page.

To get higher priority for your listing,  get more number of good reviews from your current & past clients. The higher the rating, the higher priority in display your listing will get. E.g. A listing with rating of 4 will always appear before a listing which has a rating of 3.5.

Among listings with similar ratings, higher priority is given to Premium listings, over Basic Listings.  If two listings, one Premium and one Basic, both have a rating of 4, the Premium listing  will show before the Basic listing.


Partner Offers is a new section on Kidwise, which showcases offers from the partners (providers like tutors, classes, etc). If you are taking classes/activities then you can add an offer ( no charges for adding an offer listing) in the partner offers sections (

Making an offer to parents will increase the leads you get, as well as the chances of converting them into paying customers.

Since there are no charges for listing a Partner Offer, you only have to provide a discount/freebie when you get a client.

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Here are some sample reviews from parents, to help you to share your own experiences:

Best classes for mathematics in Erandwane/Kothrud area. Limited kids per batch and give personal attention. We had a very good experience. My daughter is happy with teaching by ***** teacher.

Very engaging and fun filled sessions for the kids .My 8 year old throughly enjoyed all the sessions. Kids get a platform to express their views on various topics. Suggestion is to make this workshop extended from 1 month to 2 months or more.

My child has made excellent growth. The teacher gives attention to every child adequately and my child is very eager to attend the classes. And the teacher also has excellent skills in art.

We have seen ***** school growing from a pretty new school to a developed school in last four years. They focus lot on academics, extra curricular  actives and lot more.  They embed a lot of fun activities with academics which makes kids picks the basics as well as advance topics pretty well.  Teachers are attentive and they provide a very elaborated feedback about the child on quarterly basis. In short it's fairly a good option for kids for their overall growth.

Highly mismanaged branch of *****. Poor planning. No proper communication with parents. Teacher retention is very low. Good teachers gets transferred to other centres. In past 3-4 years 3 principal changed. Everything they do is for name sake. Workshops/ seminars are more of a sales  pitches. 10% return of value for your money.

Partner Offer Guidelines

  1. Offers which are EXCLUSIVE to Kidwise members shall be given higher display priority, as well as visibility in communication.
  2. You may, however, also list deals which you are offering to regular/ walk-in customers, or your website visitors or social media followers.
  3. Offer details, eligibility, terms & conditions, validity/expiry dates, and steps for availing the offer must be clearly specified in the offer listing
  4. Offers may be availed/redeemed by members on partner’s websites/app, through a promo code, or while making booking/payment to the partner on phone/whatsapp etc.
  5. All offers must be *GENUINE*, and must be HONOURED, if the member is meeting the eligibility & validity requirements specified in the offer details/T&C. We shall take any customer complaints about fake / dishonoured offers very seriously, and if found valid, such offer shall be removed, and the defaulting member may be barred from adding offers in future.
  6. Offers must be valid for a minimum of 30 days from creation. Partner must delete the offer from "Manage Listings" tab, or email / message us on / 7499997910 to delete the offer when it expires.
  7. We may restrict eligibility of certain exclusive/curated offers to certain members as rewards for their participation in the community eg. writing a review, updating their profile etc., at our discretion, from time to time.
  8. The member who is adding the partner offer shall be solely responsible for fulfilling the offer. Kidwise shall have no role in fulfilling the offer or in delivery of the class, activity, service etc on which the offer is available.
  9. All offer listings are subject to approval by Kidwise. Kidwise shall have the right to reject or remove any offer at its sole discretion.

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