Find Best Pre-Primary School for Your Child in Pune

It is said that the minds of kids are like a clean slate, and the first learning experience plays an important role in grooming them. Hence, it is the responsibility of parents to impart the right education to their kids’ right from a tender age for their overall development.

  • As much as 90% of the child’s brain development happens by the age of 5 years
  • Toddlers have an inherent urge to understand the world around them. Early childhood education nurtures inquisitiveness and imagination of your child and makes them effective learners.
  • It improves the concentration of children. Children have a shorter attention span, which can be improved by following instructions and group activities in preschool.
  • Preschool plays a key role in strengthening the cognitive skills of children.
  • Toddlers learn to embrace and respect diversity in cultures and opinions.
  • Early education boosts the confidence of children and encourages them to be comfortable in the social set-up.
  • It helps in building team spirit and resilience – developing social and emotional skills.
  • It also promotes early numeracy and literacy skills of toddlers.
  • Early education encourages patience and teaches them the value of cooperation.

Pre-primary schools prepare your toddler for the future and build a strong foundation for higher education. They also ensures the physical, mental, and emotional growth of the child. Considering the role preschool plays in your child’s early years, it is important to choose the right preschool.

Key points to consider when choosing a pre-primary school for your child:

  • The child’s safety is paramount as this is their first place away from home. Ask about emergency plans and teacher-student ratio. Take a tour of the school and try to gauge the safety measures – child friendly furniture; controlled and monitored access to outsiders, stairs, as well as electrical points & equipment; monitoring of movements; first aid etc are essential for the child’s safety
  • A good staff is an essential pre-requisite as to how the teachers interact with students, and how they care for them is important. A well-trained staff is a must for any preschool.
  • The environment of the preschool should be child-friendly in terms of furniture, space to move around, and print-rich classrooms.
  • Visit the school to see activities in progress, understand the curriculum, and the school’s teaching methods.
  • Check whether the school offers daycare facilities, in case you need those.
  • Communication between school and parents and individual communication and updates regarding your child’s progress is an important aspect to consider.
  • Very important for most parents, and most obvious, are the distance from home, and the fees!

If you are looking for pre-primary schools in Pune, explore Kidwise to find the top preschools in your area and get information about each school, and read reviews from other parents. Shortlist schools based on criteria like distance, ratings, online classes, location, etc. And if you have a particular query, you can also ask other parents like yourself, for advice & suggestions, on the group.

There is a lot more to discover on Kidwise. Not just schools, Kidwise also helps you find various activities for your little ones, enrol them for a hobby or sports class, or find book clubs, fancy dress rentals, pediatricians, birthday party organisers, or just about any services you may need for your kids. Have fun!

Find the Best Schools in Pune For Your Children

For every parent, one of the challenging jobs is to find the right school for their child. The school plays a significant role in shaping the future of a child, and hence, parents go the extra mile to choose the best one.

If you are looking for top schools in Pune, we can help. You can find a list of all schools in Pune so that the selection process becomes easy for you. We provide information and reviews on schools in Pune, affiliated with the various boards, which conduct the CBSE, ICSE, State Boards, IB, IGCSE examinations. We also provide information on Pre-primary and playschools, to help you choose your child’s first school. .

When shortlisting the school for your child, you must take certain points into consideration: .

  • One of the basic requirements is to look for a school with a good curriculum. Curriculum decides the flow of academics for any student in any class. The good curriculum ensures that the child gets insight and knowledge on various subjects. The curriculum varies by board, and it is useful to understand the pros and cons of each board.

  • Another aspect to look for in a school is the tutors as they are one imparting education to students. Certified and experienced professionals make for good tutors.

  • Next thing to look for in a school is the infrastructure and amenities so that child can spend time in school comfortably, and has options for sports, and extracurricular activities for all round development.

  • Of course, the fee structure and payment schedule, is a critical factor in selecting a school, and

  • Proximity to home, and availability of school transport in your area are typically very important factors, particularly for younger kids

Besides these points, parents typically seek recommendations & reviews from other parents before deciding. If you cannot find reviews for schools you are considering, then do ask parents on the Groups on Kidwise for their feedback on the school. Kidwise is about parents helping each other, and you will surely get some useful inputs.

If you run or manage a school, and want to reach out to more parents across Pune, add your listing on Kidwise here, or contact us for more information.

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