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public speaking classes

Public Speaking (6+ yrs)

Help your child find their voice with public speaking! It’s a path to eloquence and conviction, enabling them to express their ideas and opinions with clarity and confidence.

Art Drawing & Painting

Art & Craft (3-15yrs)

Unleash your child’s imagination with art and craft! It’s a playground for creativity, letting them explore colors, shapes, and textures, enhancing their visual-spatial abilities, and offering therapeutic benefits.

Creative Writing for kids

Creative Writing (3-15yrs)

Let your child weave tales with creative writing! It’s an exploration of language and narrative, enhancing their ability to articulate thoughts and emotions and communicate ideas effectively.

Dance : Bollywood/Western

Dance : Bollywood/Western (5+ yrs)

Let your child groove to the vibrant beats of Bollywood and Western dance! It’s a celebration of energy and rhythm, improving their fitness and coordination while boosting self-confidence and creative expression.

Phonics (4-7 yrs)

Build your child’s literacy foundation with Phonics! It’s the first step in their reading journey, strengthening spelling, reading, and comprehension, and laying the building blocks for academic success.

10X Confidence (8+ yrs)

Equip your child with 21st Century Skills to boost their confidence, using a case-study based teaching method.

Coding programming classes

Coding (Grade 1-9)

Introduce your child to the exciting world of coding! It’s a skill for the future, fostering logical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity, preparing them to innovate in a technology-driven world.

Creative Writing for kids

Creative Thinking (8+ yrs)

Fuel your child’s imagination with creative thinking! It’s about thinking outside the box, nurturing intellectual curiosity, adaptability, and innovative problem-solving for diverse life challenges.

Learn music online class

Guitar (6+ yrs)

Strum the strings of learning with guitar lessons! It’s more than music; it’s a journey into melody and harmony. Observe your child develop fine motor skills, enhance mathematical ability, and build a lifelong appreciation for music, exploring their creative potential one note at a time!


Handwriting (6+ yrs)

Empower your child with the elegance of good handwriting! It’s more than just letters; it’s about fostering effective communication and academic confidence through clear and legible writing.

Music: Keyboard/Piano (4+ yrs)

Keyboard (6+ yrs)

Let the keys unlock your child’s musical potential with keyboard lessons! It’s an enchanting blend of rhythm and melody, promoting their cognitive development and concentration. Witness your child immerse themselves in the world of music, discovering joy and creativity with every key they press!

Learn chess online

Chess (5+ yrs)

Immerse your child in the world of chess! It’s more than a game; it’s a life skill, teaching your child strategic thinking, patience, and focus. Watch them navigate life with the clarity and discipline acquired from mastering the moves of chess.

Online yoga meditation classes for kids

Yoga & Meditation (4+ yrs)

Introduce your child to the harmony of meditation and yoga! It’s a holistic approach to well-being, improving concentration, flexibility, and self-awareness, and instilling a sense of balance and peace

Bharatnatyam/ Kathak (5-12 yrs)

Introduce your child to the grace of Indian classical dance! Whether it’s Kathak or Bharatnatyam, it’s more than a dance; it’s a journey into rich traditions, improving flexibility and rhythm while fostering a deep cultural appreciation.

Financial Literacy (6+ yrs)

Equip your child with the wisdom of financial literacy! It’s more than money; it’s about understanding value, making informed economic decisions, and managing resources responsibly.

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Details and T&C

All Kidwise members can avail upto 3 Free Online Demo Classes across a range of academic subjects,  hobbies & 21st Century Skills.

Free online trial/demo classes, are offered by expert academies or teachers, who offer live online courses on these subjects.

One Kidwise member can avail only ONE free online demo class PER subject/activity. Each class shall typically be of 30 min- 60 min  in duration, and shall be conducted over an online  platform like Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, Cisco, Whatsapp, Youtube, or other such.

When you submit the form to avail the free online demo classes, the selected provider shall Whatsapp/call you on the provided mobile number to schedule the demo class, typically within 2 working days.

Schedule for the free class shall be conveyed by the Academy depending on the age/batch, and should typically be conducted within 7-10 days of booking, though it may be delayed in exceptional circumstances. In case the provider is unable to conduct the class, for any reason you can whatsapp us on +7499997910 or mail us on and we shall arrange an alternate.

The Free demo classes will be ONLINE only, and typically held in a GROUP, not individual classes (unless preferred by the teacher).

For any other issues or assistance please whatsapp us 7499997910 or mail us at

Additional Terms & Conditions: 

In the event that a teacher/academy is unable to provide the Free online demo class, for any reason, Kidwise’s sole responsibilty shall be to arrange an alternate demo class at the earliest.

The Free Class offered under this program have no monetary value, and cannot be exchanged or redeemed for any amount of cash  or equivalent compensation

The classes are offered entirely by the providers on a no-obligation basis, and parents may decide after the class whether they want to continue with further classes or  not, as per their discussion with the teacher/academy. Parents must satisfy themselves completely with the academy/teacher,  course content, deliverables & outcomes, before making any commitment or payment to the teacher/academy for further paid classes/courses.

Kidwise does not have any role in the scheduling or conduct of the free demo class, or subsequent classes, and is only offering this demo booking facility as a convenience to its users. Kidwise is not responsible in any way for, or party to, any commitments made by the partner academy/teacher, or for any financial transactions between you and the academy.

Kidwise reserves the right to modify or withdraw/cancel this program at any time, and without any notice. Subject to Kidwise  Terms of Use.

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