Find the Best ICSE Board School for Your Child

As parents, it is understandable on your part to worry about choosing the right board, when seeking school admission for your child. This choice of the board always puts parents in a dilemma. Parents often get confused with questions like which board offers a strong foundation, or which board offers enough flexibility to choose a path that helps in maximizing their strengths.

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination ( CISCE, but more popularly referred to as the ICSE board) is the second largest national board, in terms of the number of schools affiliated to it. The board conducts the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE – X)  and Indian School Certificate (ISC – XII) examinations. If you are looking for information on the ICSE board, lets have a look at what makes it the right choice for your child.

  • The ICSE Board is commonly associated with high standards of English teaching, and is preferred by many parents for this reason
  • The content of the ICSE curriculum is wide and in-depth for a better understanding of various concepts. It is said that CBSE focuses more on Maths and Science while ICSE does more than that. This allows wholesome and inclusive education.
  • The structure of ICSE syllabus is such that it looks beyond textbooks and encourages students to get hands-on experience for practical insight.
  • ICSE attempts to offer quality content over quantity and helps students to diversify their interests.
  • The ICSE board offers students a great future potential with global content and teaching pedagogy

Schools affiliated to the ICSE Board can sometimes be more expensive as compared to CBSE, and it may be challenging to find as many tuition options as you can find for CBSE. Also, ICSE board has more subjects as compared to CBSE, and is generally considered tougher. You may read more about ICSE and other boards here.

Some of Pune’s most established schools like St. Mary’s School, Bishops School, Hutchings High School, St. Helena’s and others, are affiliated to the ICSE Board, along with several newer schools.

If you are considering an ICSE school in Pune for enrolling your child, Kidwise can help in choosing the best suited option. You can not only find the list of top schools on our website but a lot more.

You can shortlist schools based on various criteria such as location or distance from your home in Pune. You can also choose the right ICSE schools based on the rating and reviews. Not just that, you can connect with fellow parents to ask specific questions about admission criteria, facilities, staff, or another aspect of a school, which you may be concerned about. Likewise, you can also help parents at large by leaving reviews about schools you have experience of, and answering their queries on the groups.

There is a lot more than you can discover on Kidwise. A host of after-school classes, if your kids needs help with a particular subject, or to develop their interests and talent, are waiting to be found on Kidwise.  While you are here, do also browse our articles for tips and tricks to boost your parenting quotient, and catch up on issues that are trending among parents. Have Fun!

Find the Best Schools in Pune For Your Children

For every parent, one of the challenging jobs is to find the right school for their child. The school plays a significant role in shaping the future of a child, and hence, parents go the extra mile to choose the best one.

If you are looking for top schools in Pune, we can help. You can find a list of all schools in Pune so that the selection process becomes easy for you. We provide information and reviews on schools in Pune, affiliated with the various boards, which conduct the CBSE, ICSE, State Boards, IB, IGCSE examinations. We also provide information on Pre-primary and playschools, to help you choose your child’s first school. .

When shortlisting the school for your child, you must take certain points into consideration: .

  • One of the basic requirements is to look for a school with a good curriculum. Curriculum decides the flow of academics for any student in any class. The good curriculum ensures that the child gets insight and knowledge on various subjects. The curriculum varies by board, and it is useful to understand the pros and cons of each board.

  • Another aspect to look for in a school is the tutors as they are one imparting education to students. Certified and experienced professionals make for good tutors.

  • Next thing to look for in a school is the infrastructure and amenities so that child can spend time in school comfortably, and has options for sports, and extracurricular activities for all round development.

  • Of course, the fee structure and payment schedule, is a critical factor in selecting a school, and

  • Proximity to home, and availability of school transport in your area are typically very important factors, particularly for younger kids

Besides these points, parents typically seek recommendations & reviews from other parents before deciding. If you cannot find reviews for schools you are considering, then do ask parents on the Groups on Kidwise for their feedback on the school. Kidwise is about parents helping each other, and you will surely get some useful inputs.

If you run or manage a school, and want to reach out to more parents across Pune, add your listing on Kidwise here, or contact us for more information.

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