Come August and there are festivities in the air. Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of love between a brother and a sister. While the festivities make it an important day for all the siblings to come together and enjoy the day, there is a section of people who feel left out. If you are a single child or a parent to a single child you know what we are talking about here. But there is no reason to feel sad, there are a lot of fun ways in which a single child too can celebrate and enjoy Raksha Bandhan.

Why celebrate Raksha Bandhan?

While there are multiple stories around the origins of the festival, the essence of the festival and the sacred thread is a promise that siblings make to each other. It is a promise to love, protect and support each other all their life. It is such a beautiful way to celebrate and cherish a bond between siblings, so why restrict it to a brother?

We are sharing a few ideas for you to make Raksha Bandhan memorable for your child.

Plan a cousin’s get-together

If your kids cousins are in town then make sure they catch up by having a get-together. Plan a nice day picnic or a barbeque night on the terrace. Have the cousins come over for a sleep over and let them share some really wonderful moments together. Get them to tie rakhi’s to each other irrespective of gender and explain the real meaning of the ritual and the sentiments behind it. This will not only help them enjoy the day, but will also make them appreciate their bond with each other.

Adopt a pet/ Tie rakhi to your pet

Rakhi can be a great day to adopt a furry sibling. Pets are family members and are protective about the family just as a sibling. Let your child enjoy unbridled affection and loyalty that only a pet can give. If you already have a furry friend at home, then what better day than Raksha Bandhan to show your trust and love towards it? Tie a rakhi, let the pet enjoy his favourite food and spend a day in the park with both the kid and his sibling having the time of their life, running around open spaces.

Tie a rakhi to a tree

Environmental degradation and Climate change are real. Let your child take up the responsibility of protecting the environment one plant at a time. Help your child plant a tree and let them take care of it. Let them be the protector and nurturer for that tree. It can be a day to celebrate the bond that we share with nature. Help your child understand the importance of plants; let her tie a rakhi to the tree as a symbol of her promise to protect the tree. You will be surprised to see their attitude when entrusted with a responsibility.

Friends are brothers from another Mother

Who said Rakhi is limited to siblings from the same family? Friends are our first confidants who share the deepest secrets, help us on a daily basis, band together and when need be are the first ones to stand in our defense. Isn’t that the essence of Raksha Bandhan? Why not celebrate the day with them? Get your kids friends over; let them have a reading or a movie party. Tell them the importance of raksha Bandhan and ask them about their views. We are sure this will throw up some interesting responses.

Protectors come in different shapes

While Raksha bandhan is traditionally a celebration between brother-sister bonds, it was mostly because men were seen as protectors and providers. Today roles are evolving and girls are no longer the timid, submissive gender that they were earlier projected to be, so why still hang on to the clichés! If your child has a cousin sister, a nanny or a teacher then why not tie a rakhi to them? A great idea would be to explain the rationale behind celebrating the festival to your child and asking them who they think is worthy of their rakhi? We are sure your child’s imagination will take flight and find some creative answers.

The idea of protecting each other, being responsible for the other was the crux of celebrating this festival. Instead of restricting the idea, letting your child’s imagination loose will not only bring in creative ideas but it will also help them enjoy the festival rather than feeling all beat-up. Do you have some more ideas to make Raksha Bandhan fun for your child? Share away in comments below!

About Neha Tambe

Neha Tambe is a blogger and content creator and freelance social media strategist with over 8 years of experience in helping small businesses ace their social media marketing techniques. Neha manages social media marketing, and offers consultation for small businesses and personal brands. She lives in Pune with her family and is passionate about things like blogging, education and digital marketing.

  1. Smita Omar 4 years ago

    Superb tips, especially the pet one! I am the only child of my parents and my daughter is the only child too. When I was young, I often tied rakhi to my friend’s brother. My daughter ties rakhi to her father. Rakshabandhan is promise of love and protection, and as long as your kid can related to those feelings in anyone, s/he can tie rakhi to that person.

  2. Prachi Gupta 4 years ago

    Great suggestions!

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