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There is no doubt that academic education is essential for your children’s bright future. However, they also need to develop real-world life skills which are hardly taught by any school. These skills are necessary for them to become self-confident and independent, take responsibility and meet the practical challenges of life when they become adults.
Here are seven life skills you must teach your children:

1. Household Chores

Even if you have maids to do household chores, your children should know how to do these chores:
• Dusting
• Doing laundry
• Folding clothes
• Ironing
• Sweeping and mopping
• Vacuuming
• Making bed after waking up
• Bathroom cleaning
The best way to involve them is to instruct them to do these chores when your maid doesn’t turn up or on weekends/school holidays.

2. Cooking

This skill will come in handy when your children start living independently for higher studies or a career. If they know how to cook even basic food such as dal-chawal, khichdi, roti, sabjis and omelette, they will be able to stay away from ready-to-eat or takeout foods. It will also reduce their expenses on outside food or hiring a cook.

3. First Aid and Emergency Response Handling

Injuries and accidents can happen anytime. Your child should be about the location of the first aid kit at home and how to call for help. Teach them that they can dial a family member’s number on phone, rush to the neighbour’s house or even seek a stranger’s help if outside the home.
Write a list of emergency numbers on paper and stick it somewhere your child can easily see it every day. Alternatively, you can also keep a few emergency numbers on speed dial.

4. Financial Literacy

Can your children do cash transactions at a shop? Can they fill out a bank cheque on their own? Can they withdraw money from an ATM? Do they what is internet banking or mobile payments?
These are rudimentary elements of financial literacy. Check out these tips to develop financial literacy in your kids.

5. Swimming

Swimming is not only a great exercise for your children, but it is also a vital life skill. It can help them to maintain personal safety when they are around a swimming pool, beach, etc. They can also save a drowning person – the internet is full of stories of such children!

6. Driving and Vehicle Care

If your children are old enough to get a learner’s license legally, do teach them to drive a two-wheeler or four-wheeler vehicle. It gives them independence and they can drive even family members around when the need arises, especially during medical emergencies.
However, make sure that they know everything about safe driving and road safety rules. They should have knowledge about vehicle care and maintenance – how to change a flat tyre, vehicle insurance, etc.

7. Self-Defence

Self-defence training can boost the confidence of your children when it comes to protecting themselves against dangerous situations, especially involving physical attacks. The training also sharpens their mind to sense dangers and be alert.

Is there any life skill missing from this list? Do share your opinions.


About Sneha Malhotra

Sneha is a mother of a teen son, and formerly an HR consultant, who is currently considering getting to the back to the workforce. She occasionally writes on HR topics and also on parenting issues - she also hopes to have her own blog soon!


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