It can be challenging to find the right entertainment choices for teens. They are too old to
watch kids’ shows, but at the same time, they are not mature and ready enough to watch more
adult stuff. While there are plenty of great shows online, we have rounded up the best shows
that your teen will enjoy, thanks to OTT platforms. In fact, you also can watch along with them
without feeling awkward or embarrassed.
1. Alexa and Katie (Netflix)
This show, although a sitcom, highlights the importance of friendship and support. The show is
about Alexa and Katie, who have been best friends all their lives. They are eager to start high
school and are incredibly excited about it. However, Alexa finds out that she has cancer and
begins undergoing treatment. Katie is there is to support her best friend.
Of course, it is difficult for the two friends who are trying to fit in, but they feel like outsiders
due to the crisis in Alexa’s life. While this show may sound dramatic and heavy, it isn’t. It tackles
many valid issues without being a tear-jerker, and your teen will find it fascinating.
2. Full House (Netflix)
This American sitcom chronicles the life of Danny Tanner, a widowed father, who gets his
brother-in-law and best friend to help him raise his three daughters. The eldest is DJ, the
middle is Stephanie, and the youngest daughter is Michelle.
The family lives in San Francisco, and several incidents bring laughter and tears to the eyes of
the audience. Over time, the three men and the girls bond and gradually become close. But,
along the way, many crazy things happen that teens will be able to identify with.
3. Fuller House (Netflix)
This sitcom series is a sequel to Full House. This time, the series is about DJ, who is now a
veterinarian and a widow. She is also the mother of three boys. She lives in her old family house
with her sons, sister Stephanie, and her best friend Kimmy, who also has a teenage daughter.
With a house full of different people with unique personalities, there are bound to be a lot of
fun, silly, and awkward moments. With a teenage girl and boy, a child, and a baby, things can go
awry very quickly. Your teen will laugh through the series and have a lot of fun while watching.
4. Just Add Magic (Amazon)
Who doesn’t like magic? We, as adults, and kids are constantly looking for magic, and this series
gives a lot of magic. The story is set in Saffron Falls, where three teenage girls – Kelly, Darbie,
and Hannah. These girls are best friends and love cooking.
The story is about the three tens finding an ancient cookbook that they use to make a cake for
Kelly’s grandmother. The girls begin to check out the recipes, which are magical and are tempted to use them to overcome everyday life’s challenges. Kelly’s main aim is to help her
grandmother, who is under a curse.
5. Young Sheldon (Amazon)
This sitcom is a spin-off prequel to Sheldon Cooper, one of the protagonists in The Big Bang
Theory. The series is set in the late 1980s and shows Sheldon Cooper, aged nine, living in East
Sheldon is already in high school with an extremely high IQ and is trying hard to fit in. However,
he is socially inept and cannot fit in with his family, friends, and neighbors. This creates many
funny and awkward moments for your teen to have a good laugh.
Let your teenager watch these shows, and you can be sure that they will find them
entertaining. You will have a happy teen on your hands!

About Prabha Kulkarni

Prabha is a retired teacher, who enjoys writing on various topics. Most of her current writing is currently influenced by her young grand-daughters, as she grapples with the differences in the world they will grow up in, and the one in which she spent the best years of her life. Prabha is also a proud technophile who plans to start her blog soon.

  1. Harshit Jain 2 years ago

    Full house is my daughter’s favourite. She keeps watching on repeat mode.

  2. Smita Omar 2 years ago

    OMG! The list is so so apt. My daughter has watched each and every show mentioned in this list. She is 12.

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