As a parent, it can be both challenging and intimidating to help your child discover their
passion. However, it is necessary to encourage your child to pursue their interests. It will help
them build confidence and skills that will come to use throughout their lives.
You will need to invest time and effort to help your child discover their passion, be it sports,
music, arts, science, or even politics. Once your child realizes their potential, there will be no
stopping them. Here are some tips that you can use:
Observe Your Child
Observation is a good way to get a clue of your child's interests. Listen (not hear) to your child
speak about their interests. Even if it is something fleeting, you will help them develop a
passion for it over time. Observing your child will allow you to figure out their likes and dislikes.
Encourage Your Child
When you find out that your child is interested in something, encourage them to pursue it. You
can do this by taking them out on an educational outing, watching videos on YouTube related
to their interest, or allowing them to participate in relevant activities. Encouragement shouldn't
be forceful, or your child will shy away from it. Instead, build it up slowly to match the interest
level of the child.
Offer a Variety
Very few children will know what they love or are interested in. Hence, if your little one finds it
hard to figure out what they like, you need to take on the responsibility. Encourage your child
to participate in a variety of activities. Look at things like sports, visiting museums, participating
in theater workshops, joining hobby classes, gardening, or visiting the planetarium. Also,
encourage the child to read books and watch children's TV shows or plays. When your child is
exposed to different things, it will help them find out what piques their interest.
Challenge Your Child
It is easy for a child to stay in their comfort zone. It is a good idea to challenge your child to
explore things they lack talent or skill. Even if your child is not good at something, they may
enjoy it. A good example is sports. Many children may not be good at sports but enjoy them.
That is what being passionate is. Challenge your child to do something different where they are
forced to use their innate skills.
Ask Questions
Ask your child thought-provoking questions rather than deciding everything for them. For
instance, you can ask your child what they want to do over the weekend and why. Talk about
new things and see if it interests or fascinates them. If it does, ask them what it is that interests
them. That way, you will be able to look for similar activities and encourage them to participate
in them.

While it is a good thing to encourage your child to discover their passion, do not push them
beyond their limits. If you do that, you will cause them to resent the activity. Rather than
forcing them to win or pressurizing them to perform, learn to foster a love for an activity. It will
help your child enjoy themselves and forget about the rigors of daily life.

About Sneha Malhotra

Sneha is a mother of a teen son, and formerly an HR consultant, who is currently considering getting to the back to the workforce. She occasionally writes on HR topics and also on parenting issues - she also hopes to have her own blog soon!

  1. Satvik Sharma 2 years ago

    Even if we discover the passion of the child, it is very difficult to let the kid pursue unless the kid has major talent.

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