Kidwise-Activities To Try With Your Kids This Monsoon

After the scorching heat of summer, monsoons provide some much-needed respite. The beautiful weather, the slight nip in the air and the green cover that fast replaces any trace of dryness are a huge draw for everyone. It is a great time be in the lap of nature and absorb its beauty to recharge and rejuvenate ourselves.

Kids are a bundle of energy and parents have to constantly conjure up ideas to keep them occupied during this season. The good part is that there are a lot of fun activities, both indoor and outdoor, that a family can enjoy and bond over.

Outdoor Activities

Participate in a marathon

One of the best ways to introduce kids to the importance of health and fitness is to teach them by example. Various age-specific marathons are organised nowadays like Kalenji Kids Run in Thane, Ragas Kiddathon in Kharghar or Pune Juniorthon in Pune that allow you to run with them. You can participate in anyone of your choice keeping their age and fitness in mind. This can be a good lesson in sportsmanship and will also help in instilling self-confidence in them.

Nature walks and treks

If running is good for health nature walks are food for the soul. There’s a lot one can notice and learn from them, like different kinds of trees, birds, insects, their sounds, etc. Forts like Lohgad, Rajmachi, etc are great for treks and can be undertaken with proper supervision. Allow your kids to use their vision and capture nature’s beauty on your phone camera. They can carry your backpacks if they aren’t too heavy. Also, encourage them to make checklists for your travel.

Plant a tree

This holds true for kids of all ages. Whether it is sowing flower or vegetable seeds in your home garden or planting saplings in and around your building area, kids can get involved in doing their bit for the environment. Make it a group activity by getting their friends to join in and give them a token of appreciation for encouragement. Motivate them to give their saplings ample care and attention and see their eyes sparkle as they grow.

Indoor activities

Reading challenges

Nothing can trigger a kid’s imagination more than reading. If your child is a reader you’re sorted but if he/she isn’t then this is a good opportunity to get them interested in it. You can dramatically read out paras to them or ask them to do it for you. They can also swap books with friends. This will inspire them to exchange ideas and interpretations and broaden their views.


Creative kids know how to best utilise their time but if your kids aren’t glue or paint lovers then your company can get them engaged. Origami, paper quilling, painting on pots, crafts with sticks, warli painting, etc there are many activities you can do together. Siblings can divide tasks and make it a team work. Give their room a makeover with their DIYs and let them proudly flaunt their labour of love to everyone.

Board games and movies

Board games are always fun to play and are a great learning experience too. Games like Monopoly, Business, Chess etc. can develop their keen acumen while Crossword, Scrabble etc. are great for building vocabulary. Ludo and Snakes & Ladders are classic picks that never get boring. Dig into a tub of homemade popcorn and watch movies like Parichay, Mr.India, The Lion King, The Jungle Book, etc with them. Life lessons cannot be slipped in with such ease and value in any other way.

Family time is important and monsoons provide the right setting for bonding, indoors as well as outdoors. Excursions, playing football in the rain, sailing boats or cooking together, try something new and fun every time and see your kids jump in delight and anticipation for what’s in store for them next!

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Varsha Bagadia is your regular harried mother of two who’s also a blogger, editor, freelance content writer, Potterhead and a fitness freak, all rolled into one!
In some seemingly other life she was a Mechanical engineer and Finance post-graduate and has work experience in banking and software. She’s now a passionate food, parenting and lifestyle blogger. You can check out her take on fiction, food, travel, relationships, etc and reviews on her blog.


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