Dads to spend more time with kids

Fathers love and care for their children as much as mothers do. Unfortunately, fathers are unable to spend much time with their children no matter how much they want to.

If you are also in the same boat, here are some great tips to actively involve with your children.

Utilise the Weekends and Holidays

Try to leverage holidays and weekends as much as possible. Take over your spouse’s duties and chores for children and you do them instead. This will not only make your children happy but also give much-need time off to your spouse.

Help Them with Homework

Usually, mothers are more invested in children’s studies and fathers don’t have much clue about what’s going on. Make conscious efforts to sit with your children for at least 10-15 minutes a day and help them with homework. It will keep you updated about their academics and children will also get an opportunity to spend time with you.

Pick up or Drop Off

Another way to spend time with your children is to pick up or drop them off at school or after-school classes. Those are some precious moments you can steal for yourself and your children. This is also a good time to catch up with them regarding their studies or friends.

Set Up a Weekly Date

You can plan a weekly outing with your children so that they have something to look forward to. You can go to a mall, garden, event or just for a long drive. If an outdoor date is not possible, you can just schedule a movie or game night at home.

Read Aloud Books at Bedtime

If you have a toddler or pre-primary kids, then bedtime reading is another superb way to spend time with them. Pick their favourite book and read them aloud before bedtime. Make funny noises and give different expressions. This will make your time more fun and interesting.

Cook Together

Wouldn’t it be great to don a chef’s hat and cook together? Set aside a day in a week for this activity. Look up recipes on the internet and surprise the family members with a new delicacy. Listen to songs or chat away while cooking.

Do a Hobby or Activity Together

Swimming, singing, dancing, badminton, painting or drawing – there are so many activities or hobbies that you can do with your children. It will be both relaxing and fun for you and your children.

How do you spend time with your children?



About Prabha Kulkarni

Prabha is a retired teacher, who enjoys writing on various topics. Most of her current writing is currently influenced by her young grand-daughters, as she grapples with the differences in the world they will grow up in, and the one in which she spent the best years of her life. Prabha is also a proud technophile who plans to start her blog soon.


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