Kidwise-5 Reasons To Travel With Kids

Every exploration and adventure brings in lots of experiences for kids, which helps in their development and reflects in their personality as they grow. A recent study by SYTA (The voice of student and Youth travel) shared that 56% of teachers believe travel has a very positive impact on students education and career”. Kids who travel more with their family, are more independent, have better self-confidence and are more flexible when it comes to adaptations.

 Here are 5 reasons, why you should travel with kids :

 1. Travel promotes holistic development in kids:

Children are great learners, and it starts right after their birth. Traveling gives them immense learning opportunities. Various sensory and experiential encounters, helps kids in their logical, problem solving, social and even emotional development. Opting for adventures and new activities with kids helps them overcome the fear of “something new”. Kids tend to have more confidence in themselves and that’s a big virtue they carry on throughout their lives.

2. Travel helps kids understand different cultures :

When kids are young, it is the right time to introduce them to different cultures of the world. I was surprised how my 3year old found out similarities in Italian culture and food, rather than differentiating. Travel is a remarkable way to explain to kids how we all may look different but yet we are all similar. While on the beaches of Capri, my son made friends with an English girl and they both enjoyed the waves and kept on throwing stones in the sea. This is the best time, when kids can learn cultures across the globe, with a lot of ease.

As the learning about cultures grows, so does the acceptability and tolerance.

3. Travel makes kids more flexible: 

As parents, we put babies and kids into a fixed schedule and we are reluctant to break or change their timings, be it with  sleep or food. A small change and we see a cranky baby unable to adjust. Travel allows you to bring some changes in the schedules and yet see a happy baby. Lines at the airports and metro stations, long bus rides, exploring while walking, all of it forces a child to move beyond their comfort zone. The more they experience such adventures, the more flexible kids become towards life.  

I remember during our metro ride from Rome to Monterosso, baby A’s dad missed to climb the metro on time. It was a big hassle on the train, with no passports, no money, but we both managed the whole ordeal. These roadblocks are nothing, but new learning’s for kids, helping them with better adaptability. 

4. Kids learn to embrace nature and wildlife:

Nature is magical and its conservation is our priority. Travel encourages kids to learn more about nature, wild, its resources and the conservation effort we need to make. While traveling, one gets ample moments to encounter the pristine nature. Nature walks, sunrise and sunset, sitting on the beach watching the seagulls, exploring the stars, all help kids to get closer to nature. Kids learn to embrace the flora, fauna and understand the ecological balance. 

5. Travel makes kids more curious and creative :

They become more curious and creative while in the outdoors. Right from the time we board the plane till we are back, we feel blessed to have an inquisitive child. And travel encourages that curiosity. Kids get on creative with the limited resources they have, forget that they are even bored with just one set of the game. The reason is kids start trying something new with what they have and that’s the fun, of enjoying with creative kids.  

Not just these, Travel also brings you closer as a family and evolves that bond of trust, support with each other. Kids understand the importance of team work, while you are hiking in a group. They break their boundaries and come ahead to help as a group. These acts helps them be more compassionate. Travels truly make kids wiser, just negate that expectation of a “perfect trip” with kids. Travelling with kids is enjoyable, and we need to ease that out to create some fun stories and memories.


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