Parental burnout is as real as it can get. It leads to physical, emotional and mental
exhaustion. Sometimes, it just makes you want to leave everything and head to the
mountains to find solace from the parenting stress.
There is no doubt that parenting can get overwhelming while juggling other personal and
professional responsibilities. However, the truth of the matter is that you can’t ditch your
kids and run away because they need you. The parent in you, the guilt in you and the love
for your child wouldn’t allow you to do that. At the same time, it is also true that you need
to be in your best element to fulfil your parenting role so that you can raise a happy and
healthy child.
Here are some useful ways to recover parental burnout and keep it at bay:

 Take Some Time Off
If you feel that you are so stressed out that it is adversely impacting your parenting, health
and routine, then it is a red flag. You must take a few days off for yourselves. It could be
taking leave from your job, going on a holiday solo or with family or friends, or doing
nothing other than some essential chores. Remember, that unless you give your mind and
body time to recuperate, the parental burnout will get worse.
Even when you are not facing parental burnout, you should show tender loving care
towards yourself and switch off from daily chaos from time to time.

 Share Your Dilemma
Take your spouse, family member or friend into confidence and tell them about your
parental burnout. They will be able to help you out by listening to your problems and
providing solutions.
Don’t stay silent assuming that someone will understand what you are going through. At
times, you need to be vocal and speak up for yourself. Don’t hesitate when the going gets
too tough to handle.

 Set Parenting Boundaries
Do you feel that your children come running to you every time they need you? Do they push
or overstep your boundaries? Then, it is about time to set some rules for them.
Let them know that you are there for them at every step, but you can’t fix everything for
them. You also need to tell them that they should respect your time and privacy. Setting
parenting boundaries will go a long way in avoiding parental burnout.

 Build Your Support System
Stop treating yourself as a supermom or a superdad. Stop letting others set unrealistic
expectations from you. You can’t do things alone – you need help to maintain your sanity.
So, build a support system on which you can lean on from time to time.
This support system could be your family, friends, colleagues or household help. You should
be able to share your personal or professional workload with this support system.

 Prioritize and Slow Down
Given the number of responsibilities on your shoulders, you live a hectic and rushed
lifestyle. There is hardly time to pause or else everything will go haywire on your schedule or
calendar. But at times, it is important to prioritize and slow down. List the things that you
can push to a later date or ask someone else to do. Slow down and enjoy that cup of tea
soaking under the morning sunlight. Wake up late on weekends. Order food from a
restaurant once in a while. Find little joys in every day life.

We hope these tips help you to overcome parental burnout. Do you have any tips to share
with us?

About Smita Omar

Smita is an ex banker who voluntary said adiós to a high flying career to explore the rocky yet beautiful terrain of motherhood. When she is not busy juggling between her naughty daughter and foodie husband, you can find her donning the hat of a freelance content developer-editor to keep her sanity intact. She has been a Work-From-Home-Mother for 8 years and turns to meditation when the going gets tough.


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