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  • 7 Reviews on “Delhi Public School - Mohammadwadi”

    • Varsha Agarwal
      4 years ago

      Both my kids passed out from DPS Pune. We were looking for a CBSE board school and there were not too many options available in Pune at the time. Initially, we chose DPS for the fact that it is a well-known brand ensuring quality education. But gradually as the years passed by, we realized that it is the best thing that you can do for your kids. DPS has an excellent track record where board results are concerned. The administration, Bus service is very smooth. They always greet you with a smile and are ready to help you. Right from Nursery ( JR.Kg), the kids are pampered and very well taken care of by the teachers and supporting staff. Teachers make sure the kids aboard the correct bus. DPS Pune comes under the Takshila Education Society and hence Indian values are instilled and drilled into the kids from the very first day. It is a perfect blend of academic and co-curricular activities. The teachers are helpful and well trained. Children pass out of the school as being responsible citizens of society with a strong foundation.I strongly recommend DPS Pune to parents looking for a good school in Pune.

    • Krishna Sunadham
      4 years ago

      Every school or educational institute has some pros and cons. I totally agree with above views and consider DPS a top choice as of now for CBSE in Pune. Best focused in academics , discipline and traditional values which is much required for new generation kids (though sometimes it goes little extreme).
      Both my kids were in DPS from Nursery, one has passed out now and other is in 6th. There are some really amazing teachers in junior wing who provided my daughter with strong foundation and in senior wing proper guidance/encouragement to my son. Computer Dept is not up to the mark and I hope they work on it. And also wish they take kids for excursion to places were it’s not only educational but fun for them too . Little more parent friendly approach will be appreciated.
      Having said all this I would still suggest DPS to parents for their academics and discipline.

    • Shefali
      4 years ago

      Every coin has two sides and so does DPS Pune.

      Starting with Negatives(which can be ignored):

      1. Uniform- Who makes kids wear White Khadi uniform? They tear easily and are of bad quality.
      2. Repetitive focus on Gandhiji/Khaadi Theme year after year- Instead of respecting, kids and parents have started hating anything related to Gandhiji Theme now.
      3. Restrooms- Washrooms are not kept clean. My kids avoid going to restrooms in school as its mostly dirty. During PTM’s, the story is different  and you will see housekeeping staff keeping it clean.
      4. No Parent Teacher association- School will not listen or entertain any kind of request, however reasonable it may seem. Put your kids in DPS and keeps your lips sealed till they are out.

      Now for some Positives(let’s say lot of positives):

      1. Academically it’s a very good school. They have strong foundation and teachers are really good (well most of them).
      2. Extra circular activities: I am not too bothered as we can always put kids in other classes outside school. But DPS has sufficient extra circular activities too.
      3. Annual day/Sports day: This is one thing that I love about DPS- Each and every kid gets to participate (though parents are not invited on sports day, but kids really have lot of fun)
      4. Values: DPS inculcates lot of social values in kids which is amazing. As parents, we learn a lot from our kids. I have seen huge difference between kids from DPS Pune and other nearby schools.
      5. Principal: One of the best I have seen, she is very passionate about her teachers, staff, kids and Bus drivers/conductors etc. She treats everyone equally and with respect.
      6. Communication: The app is really helpful for teacher/parents communication.

      The list of pros is long, my kids love going to school and have utmost respect for the school and teachers, I don’t think I need to write anything more then 

      1. Dhruv Johri 3 years ago

        Thanks for detailed review. I have heard that they even interview parents, ask them to bring them professional and educational documents, etc. Is that right?

    • Manoj
      4 years ago

      Its been only one year for my son attending DPS and is now in 5th grade. Overall a good school with sufficient focus on academic and non-academic activities. The parent teacher meetings are not very helpful though. A unique aspect of DPS is they create an atmosphere where kids thrive and strive and not necessarily provide all the comfort – they are making them ready for the struggle in real world.

    • Tarun Jain
      5 years ago

      My son goes to DPS. We got him admitted from Nursery and our reason for selecting (rather wanting) him to get into DPS are:
      (a) Brand name-because brand always gives you value (b) CBSE board (c) Excellent bus service
      It’s been 7 years now, our son is in DPS and we never ever got any reason, where we even thought of any other school. What we really like about DPS is
      (a) Their processes got really mature due to years of experience, highly professional. What, When, How, Where, all questions are answered in the beginning of the year via almanac. This one point has impressed us a lot. I have seen my friends/colleagues kids goes to other school and they got surprises every now and then

      (b) Again, their bus service is unmatchable, the best in Pune. I don’t know, how they manage it so well but their coordination with transport vendor is worth appreciating. It cannot be hassle free, but there is hardly any implication on parents and kids

      (c) I would give 100/100 for discipline. Kids are not feared from school policies but the way it was embedded in them, discipline becomes one of the core value of this institute.

      (d) 80% of the staff is good. 20% of teaching staff (junior wing) are like, you can figure out, they are not very knowledgable and doing this just as job.
      But what I experience is, as you go to higher classes, the quality of teaching staff is very good.

      (e) Curriculum and course is driven by CBSE and enough emphasis is given to kids who has slow learning. Good interactions with parents, easy to meet teaching staff, discuss your child specific problems, followups. In short, school teachers and the Principal mam are accessible with prior appointments.

      (f) They also have mobile app and that makes flow of communication, all the more seamless. School website is quite informative and timely updated. One can get almost all information of ongoing activities in the school.

      Allow me to post TWO cons.
      (g) I have seen kids learning computer programming language in class 6/7. Now, this may be included as part of CBSE curriculum. But this is seriously insane for all kids to learn computer programming language. Learning MS word, excel is still acceptable as these tools become necessity but I think, here school like DPS has to be pioneer and take a step towards changing things for betterment.
      (h) I am not at all happy with their move to Khadi school uniform. Its good move w.r.t promoting Khadi but it doesn’t look graceful as school dress. Very difficult to maintain white colour khadi uniform. Within 5 min of kids being ready, the uniform is full of creases.

      1. Vandana kohli 4 years ago

        Dps is the best school if you want to teach
        your child in a CBSE based school in pune. The best part about Dps pune is the discipline they inculcate in their students . Teachers are nice , friendly and approachable(most of them). I would consider junior wing teachers a little better than the senior wing teachers as far as the academics is concerned. The infrastructure,transport system brilliant.

        The biggest drawback of the school is that they are very authoritative and don’t promote any kind of parent intervention. It would be really nice if the school becomes a little more parent and child friendly especially with their senior students. They are also very strict regarding the issue of 90% attendance by the students.

        So in a nutshell I would still consider Dps pune a big beautiful foundation of all my 3 children.

    • Devang Shah
      5 years ago

      Both my kids passed out from DPS Pune, and I am very happy to say that they turned out very well. Besides having a strong academic focus, I think what makes DPS different is their emphasis on traditional values and discipline. It is among the best schools in Pune for academics, and have various other activities for all round development of the child. I will recommend DPS strongly to parents who value academics and discipline first.

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