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Be it happiness, anger, sadness, frustration or excitement, most children are inherently expressive.  However, at times, negative emotions can overpower them and they might find it difficult to deal with it. Also, as they grow up to become teenagers, they find it hard to comprehend their emotional responses.

Here are some valuable tips to help you children manage their emotions.

Identify and Acknowledge Emotions

Sometimes, children find it difficult to label their emotions. Use games, activities, movies and stories to help them identify their emotions. Let them understand that it’s normal to experience a certain emotion. This acknowledgement will make them feel at ease.

Recognise Triggers

Does your child feel a certain emotion after a specific event or incident? For example, s/he may feel sad every time a friend refuses to play with him or her. A teen may feel angry if s/he has low self-esteem or body image issue. You can note down these incidences which will help you to recognise the triggers for their negative emotions. Accordingly, you can talk to them about these triggers and find a way to prevent them.

Teach Them Coping Skills

Prepare a list of coping mechanisms that your child can rely on when triggered with a negative emotions. A few such positive mechanisms are:

  • Hug the parents, siblings or anyone from the family
  • Write down the feelings using pen and paper
  • Do deep breathing exercises
  • Talk to someone – family or friends
  • Go for a walk or do any exercise
  • Play with a pet
  • Watch or read something funny

Give Them Unconditional Love and Support

Children need to know that they have unconditional love and support of parents when it comes to managing their negative emotions. This will give them psychological confidence to deal with everything in a positive way.

If your child is feeling negative emotions an extreme end of spectrum, then you should seek professional help and visit a child counsellor.

About Sneha Malhotra

Sneha is a mother of a teen son, and formerly an HR consultant, who is currently considering getting to the back to the workforce. She occasionally writes on HR topics and also on parenting issues - she also hopes to have her own blog soon!


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