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The International Baccalaureate, popularly called IB school, is gaining immense popularity among parents of school-going children. What makes IB school standout is its intense curriculum that is specifically designed for students who aspire to pursue higher studies abroad.

With a high-quality, rigorous standard of education, IB schools are meant to support students to facilitate professional development that improves leadership and pedagogy.

IB Programmes

Get access to a continuum of international education at an IB school that encourages both academic and personal development.

Primary Years Programme – Ideal for students aged 3-12years, the PYP helps in preparing students to become caring, active, and lifelong learners who have the ability to exhibit respect for themselves as well as others enabling them to participate and function well in the society.

Middle Years Programme – Ideal for students aged 11-16 years, the MYP is often seen as a challenging framework that help students make practical connections between the real world and their studies, ultimately to bring their academic abilities and interests closer.

Diploma Programme – Ideal for students aged 16-19 years, the DP helps in developing a wide and deep focus on the core subject, allowing the students to flourish intellectually, physically, ethically, and emotionally.

Career-Related Programme – Ideal for students aged 16-19 years, the CP is designed to address the needs of all students who are engaged in career-related education. The curriculum is meant to help students take one step closer to further/higher education and employment.

Benefits of Studying in an IB School

Children who study in IB schools tend to have the edge over other students. With a well-rounded and well-organised curriculum, students get more practical or application-based exposure, which becomes an asset later in life.

With an emphasis on independent projects and critical thinking, IB schools enable students to innovate, which is a necessity in today’s dynamic world.

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