Hello, we hope that you have been getting leads and conversions from your participation in the Free Demo booking program, during the free trial period. As the free trial period for your academy is expiring, below are the details for continuing with the free demo program.

Using your experience on conversions during the trial period, you can choose the AMOUNT PER LEAD (DEMO BOOKING), that you will be willing to pay for each booking from Kidwise. You will also set a WEEKLY BUDGET, which is the maximum total amount you can spend for the week.

Please read the below details & instructions carefully.

You can select any bid amount between Rs. 30 and Rs. 100 per lead (inclusive of 18% GST), for each subject for which you are keen on getting leads. This bid amount will be charged for each booking/lead for the respective subject which you have chosen.

You will be able to modify your bids every week for each subject that you want to get leads for, and set a budget for the total  amount you would like to spend for these leads.

Payment for the weekly budget amount shall be made through UPI along with the submission of the bid and budget amount for the week, through the weekly bid form

If you do not conduct classes in a particular subject or do not want to bid for a subject, you can leave it as is, without selecting a bid amount.

Leads will be allocated and charged as per the bid amount per lead for each subject, upto the budget limit for the week you have chosen.

You will not be charged any amount above the budget even if any excess leads are allocated during the week. If you do not get enough leads during the week to utilise the budget amount which you have paid, any balance un-utilised amount can be carried forward to the next week, and will be added to the budget for the next week.

You will be provided access to a Google Sheets dashboard where you can view the weekly budget amounts, subject-wise bid amount per lead, number of leads received in the week, and the balance (unutilised) amount. View Sample Dashboardwise– please view all the sheets

The number of leads which are allocated to you will depend on the following factors:

(1) the per lead bid amount you have selected

(2) the amounts bid by other academies which are also offering the same subject

(3) the total number of bookings made by parents for various subjects

The number of leads may vary by subject – for example If you bid Rs. 40 per lead for both Subjects A and B –  in Subject A which is in high demand among other academies, which have bid higher, you may get only 5 leads in the week, but in Subject B where other academies have bid lower, you may get 20 leads per week.

The allocation of leads/ bookings  to each academy is automated based on above factors, and one particular lead for a particular subject is only allocated to one academy. So  if Parent A books demos for  Subject 1, Subject 2, Subject 3, these 3 leads may be allocated to different academies depending on the factors mentioned above. However, Parent A- Subject 1 lead shall be exclusively allocated to one academy only.

You will be charged only once even for duplicate leads, e.g. if booking for the same parent (as determined by the parents registered phone number) is allocated to you for 2 or more subjects, you will be charged only once for those. In such cases the highest bid amount for applicable subjects shall be charged for the lead.

However, in the event the demo is not conducted within 7 days of the booking, and the parent informs Kidwise that the demo has not been conducted, then Kidwise may allocate the lead to another academy. Hence please ensure that:

  1. You contact the parent to schedule the demo at the earliest, ideally within 24 hours of the booking
  2. The free demo is conducted within 7 days of the booking.

Other T&C:

  1. The demo booking or lead details including Parent name, mobile number & subject chosen, will be sent on whatsapp to the academy
  2. The booking shall be charged to the academy, irrespective of whether or not the free demo is conducted by the academy.
  3. If the parent reports that the free demo has not been conducted within 7 days of the booking, or that the academy is asking for fee payment for conducting the demo, then Kidwise may allocate the lead to another academy. Please note that no refund will be applicable for such leads.
  4. At any time, if you wish to discontinue your participation in this program, you can whatsapp us on +91 7499997910 and let us know. We shall only charge you for leads upto the end of the day on which you notify us, and will refund any unutilised balance within 15 days through UPI.
  5. Any lead from an invalid mobile number will not be charged. Any mobile number which is available on whatsapp, or can be reached on call, even if it is not answered or disconnected, will be considered to be valid, and will be chargeable.
  6. The bid amounts per lead are inclusive of GST@18%. Paid invoice will be raised on the 7th of every month for the leads delivered in the previous month.
  7. For the first week, we will set up your dashboard within 48 hours of submitting your weekly bid & payment.
  8. After that you can submit the bids weekly. For each week Sunday to Saturday, the bids should be submitted by the previous Friday so we can set up in the system.
  9. This program, including all bookings and payments are subject to  Terms of Use of Kidwise.in


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Here are some sample reviews from parents, to help you to share your own experiences:

Best classes for mathematics in Erandwane/Kothrud area. Limited kids per batch and give personal attention. We had a very good experience. My daughter is happy with teaching by ***** teacher.

Very engaging and fun filled sessions for the kids .My 8 year old throughly enjoyed all the sessions. Kids get a platform to express their views on various topics. Suggestion is to make this workshop extended from 1 month to 2 months or more.

My child has made excellent growth. The teacher gives attention to every child adequately and my child is very eager to attend the classes. And the teacher also has excellent skills in art.

We have seen ***** school growing from a pretty new school to a developed school in last four years. They focus lot on academics, extra curricular  actives and lot more.  They embed a lot of fun activities with academics which makes kids picks the basics as well as advance topics pretty well.  Teachers are attentive and they provide a very elaborated feedback about the child on quarterly basis. In short it's fairly a good option for kids for their overall growth.

Highly mismanaged branch of *****. Poor planning. No proper communication with parents. Teacher retention is very low. Good teachers gets transferred to other centres. In past 3-4 years 3 principal changed. Everything they do is for name sake. Workshops/ seminars are more of a sales  pitches. 10% return of value for your money.